23 April 2011

I miss You KeliGarfield!!!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Its been a while since KeliGarfield actually post something in this blog.  Its been a vulgar day for KeliGarfield and a lot has happened and KeliGarfield didn't know where to start. Yesterday, someone who KeliGarfield holds dear ask KeliGarfield a question which made KeliGarfield think.   "Mommy ask us to get married"...that's the question which is still lingering in KeliGarfield head.  Truthfully KeliGarfield loves her so much and would want to do everything in KeliGarfield power to realize one thing that most couple would want which is getting married.  But, KeliGarfield want to prove something to you, to your family, to my family and the most important thing is to prove that KeliGarfield is qualified to be a good husband which can took care of you till the end of KeliGarfield life. Right now KeliGarfield is still making preparation to the day which KeliGarfield would take an oath to be forever with you.

Keli loves Garfield so much!!!!!.