26 January 2011

I Know I Love Her So Much!!!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Dear friend,
Before I found her, 
I have never been in love. But. I did couple once before I found "Her". I always thought that what the use of couple as it only leads to adultery. For me, most people couple just because there were lonely and just want to have some fun with the girl. This is because of lots people which I knew, told me this,"Couple is just for fun". So I thought I would be better off alone. Until I met "Her"

After I found her,
Now I knew why people say love is blind. A relationship which I did not think would end up as a really close relationship do happen. But, my reason for couple is different than the reason for those out there. I want to make "Her" as my wife. I struggle as I knew that couple for too long would only brings problems. I promise "Her" that one day, I would personally gives "Her", "Her" first wedding ring that I think every women dream for. I always pray to Allah swt that Allah swt would help me in my resolve. I knew I love her...Thanks for being an important person in my life.

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