08 March 2011

Warghh!!! I'm angry!!!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

 It has been quite a busy week lately.I think I am going to get old faster with all those works. :D
For this week topic, I am going to give my opinion about anger. I do learn that controlling our anger is an essential thing that we as a human being should learn and conquer.For me, everyone do get angry sometimes but it is up to us to control it.Have you all heard about all those series of killing and all that stuff about revenge happen in our life?For me, all that happens because we ourselves did not learn to control our anger.

I am not that easy to get angry, but when i do get angry,things would get ugly.My friends knew that,but there is one time when someone actually able to make me angry (credits to her), I scold her on her face pointing my fingers at her and all the not so polite words come out (not rude words).She was frozen in silent looking at me with tears on her eyes.At that time i felt like a loser because i had made a girl shed a tears.I do apologize but i knew that deep within she still remembers it.(but i think its good for her since she do make people angry quite a lot).Nevertheless, there is no point getting angry for simple things.It will only makes you look bad.

A few tips from me on how to control our anger :-

When you are angry,
-sit down if you are standing and lie down if you are sitting.
-take "wudhuk" it helps to cool you down
-stay silent and go away from the people who you angry with
-remember that your face is uglier than animals
-remember that from that angry it will bring revenge and destruction
-pray to Allah swt because angry comes from the Devil
-go to sleep if you still can not handle it


  1. pay a credit to whom who successfully boost-out our anger... they deserved to have some air somehow... :D instead of keep them locked inside... hohoh...

  2. Hahaha.couldnt agree more.Thanks for replying.