15 February 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Friendship....What is a friendship? Why do someone said that friendship is valuable? Why is it hard to get a good friends? Why some friends stab us at the back?
I did asked this question to myself a few years back. Back then, I did not get the answer. But one day, when i asked someone the same question, this is what she said. "Friendship is a bond that connect a person with another person. There are various kind of friendship. But only 1 kind of friendship is valuable, that is a good friend who always by our side in times of happy and sad. Sometimes it is hard to get a good friends because, we ourselves did not commit ourselves to be a good friends to someone else. There are some friends who only befriends of us just to take advantage of us. That is a kind of friendship that we must avoid. " I have given a thought about what she said and i think i agree with her. We do need friends in life but that does not mean that if we do not have friends we can not live. I have always use this phrase when someone said "Asraf why are you alone".

Dear reader,
Sometimes i am puzzled seeing others who change just to get friends. If the changes is good, it is okay then. But it is not. From a non smoking person to a heavy smoker, to a very nice person to a very rude person and from those who take good care of their "aurat" to a person who open their "aurat". For me, in order to have friends, it is better to be ourselves. Let others be friends with us because of who we are and not because of who they want us to be. Last but not least, use our brain and heart to choose friends not choose our friends base on the popularity or be friends because she or he is useful for us. Those who are not able to get friends are worse but those who did not value their friendship is even worse.

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