22 February 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Dear friends,
  I always intend to give out my opinion,when speaking about leadership.Leadership skills is very important in our daily life.Nowadays, there are a lot of people taking advantage in every aspect.For example,in this situation company or organization taking advantages of parents who are concern about the leadership skills among their children without considering the after effect on what action the take can do to the children.As far as they concern,parents pay them money and their business grow.Children are not tool that we as an adult can use.They are our own next generation that will rule this country after us.

We do not want our children to be like what we wanted.We wanted the children to be what they supposed to be when they grow up.It is true that children are like a white cloth and as a parent we are the one who colored it.But i think it is okay if we ask for our children opinion on what color they want to be paint on the cloth.We can only advise them and the one who will decide is none other than themselves.I do not doubt the importance of soft skills.In fact, i think it is one of the most important thing that we must have.But to get it, it does not necessarily have to be taught at a very young age.It is better for me if the parents themselves teach their children with love and care compare to theory and telling them what should and what should not be done.Then only they will have the ability to be a good leader based on love and care for others not being a leader based on books and theory.We are human being not robot being.

Not everyone were born with good leadership skills.It need precise decision in a really tight situation.A good leader is not someone who is perfect, but someone who know that they had make a mistake and admit their wrong.Pointing fingers to others is easy but try pointing at yourselves, It is hard isn't it?
To lead,we need to learn to follow.Everyone is a leader at least a leader to themselves.I you do not be a leader to yourself,you will be lead by your own lust and that is what we must avoid.Wishes you all the best.

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