07 February 2011

I Cried When I Read It........

Dear reader,
Today after a very long time, and for the first time in this year, I were suddenly called to open a blog which belong to someone who is important to me. When I was reading her entry,my eyes caught on one of her entry which were being posted by her itself in her blog. For your information, she has the same birthday as my mother and my fiancee mother.In her entry, she briefly told her life experience since she was a baby and until now, a very beautiful young woman who is tough on fighting the disease that she got a few years back.Even now, she still struggling to fight the disease.Due to Allah swt gracious, the pain which she bears was being lighten and I think it was also thanks to her parents,her brother, her siblings and also those who she holds dear as a friend.For me, she is a very good sister.Never I met someone who is very polite as she is.Nevertheless, the thing which made me cried is even I said that she was important to me, I did not know that the pain which she bears before this is this big.

Dear Sis,
I may not be able to do anything to help you but know one thing for sure.I would never neglected you when the time came where you need someone to talk to and to ask for help.I pray for your safety and your happiness.

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